• Debbie Eckmier

Acrylic beginner classes start Tuesday Nov 8th

If you are interested in learning to paint with acrylics I have planned a beginner class starting on Tuesday Nov 8th From 7-9 pm. It's a 6 weeks class that covers all the basics a beginner needs to know to get your paintings skills up and running. We will learn all about the paints and brushes, surface prep and we will work on brush exercises. These are some of the paintings I have done for beginner class in the past. The lessons cover easy flowers and vases, and an easy landscape or two as well as a still life.

The cost is $150 and that covers the teaching feel and includes all the supplies you will use in class. We will learn landscape techniques like painting snow, water, reflections, trees of various kinds. We will also learn about painting a couple of kinds of easy flowers. We will learn about shading and highlighting to make a shape look 3 dimensional. We paint simple subjects in this class. With these basics, you will be able to tackle many other paintings of your own choice.

Again, if you would like to have classes in the daytime I'm open to that.

My business spreads by word of mouth so I'd love it if you could share all about these classes with friends and family who might be interested :-)

Just message me or send me an email at keepsakesartstudio@gmail.com and we will talk!

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