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Designing all the painting patterns

This week I’m working on putting things away in the studio so I can get to designing some new painting projects - you know the kind of putting away where you are looking for something specific…like the pillowcase I bought from Ikea 2 weeks ago so I could design something on it this week. And have a squirrel moment and you start putting away all the boxes of little things and tools that you are going to need pretty soon. Hey! I emptied another 6 or 7 boxes last night!

I’m submitting some designs to an online painting conference called Artwaves. It takes place online in November this year. I have a few designs I have already painted up but there were a couple I had been planning to paint in order to submit at the end of June - which is today! I sat down on Monday to finally get a couple of ideas sketched out on paper that I had been cogitating on for a few weeks already. Much to my surprise, in the space of about an hour while I enjoyed my morning coffee, I had 5 or 6 ideas for Christmas projects all sketched out! One design was to go on the pillowcase I purchased at IKEA. Last night, no pillowcase! Cannot find it anywhere - which is not really that surprising since I just moved to my new house and everything feels like a shambles!

But I did start work on a nice 16” circular door hanger from Michaels for the Christmas season! Can’t wait til you see what is in my brain :-) It will look pretty cool on your front door this year! (Sneak peek at the colours I’m using)

I actually wanted to go hear the Stratford Concert band in the park bandshell so I picked up a late take out dinner and took my surface and a pencil and drew while I enjoyed some Latin Mamba music, some John Phillips Sousa and a saxaphone ensemble called Sous. They were all great. AND it got me out of the studio enjoying the fresh air and sunshine - and good music for an hour or so.

At home, I picked out the colours - which I also had to find because the paint is still in several boxes and not on the racks. That will be a whole afternoon job to get those 2 paint racks and the shelf filled with studio paint and the paints I have for sale in the studio.

Then I set to work on the design. When I start painting, I make all the mistakes so that I can tell you what NOT to do when you start painting with me. LOL. Needless to say, I DO like the colours but I will have to redo the surface and start over. Pattern is too big - needs to be a bit more space in the middle of the board for the words I’m going to be putting on there. No big deal. It only has to be finished today. I guess the pillowcase will have to wait…

Got any of your own "squirrel" moments to share in the comments below?

It’s not all smooth sailing behind the scenes.

Always a journey!

Hugs and happy painting!



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